PANASONIC PT-RCQ80BE 1-Chip DLP™ Fixed Installation Laser Projector (Laser / 8,000 lm / 4K)

800,000.00 ฿

8,000 lumen, 4K Ready, 1-Chip DLP Solid Shine laser projector designed for house of worship, education and corporate.

Original Imaging Engines Boost Color and Detail

Rich Color Harmonizer for Naturally Vibrant Images

Rich Color Harmonizer exceeds the limits of conventional 1-Chip DLP™ image quality with a new color-filter design and proprietary processing that expands the ratio of red light used to create the image. Rich Color Harmonizer achieves a more accurate white balance for natural skin-tone expression, smooth gradation, and intensely vivid colors that burst from the screen.

Rich Color Harmonizer

Clearer, Sharper Images with Smooth Pixel Drive

Smooth Pixel Drive is a new 1-axis pixel-wobbling system that produces detailed images beyond the projector’s panel resolution. It combines an original image processing engine optimized for single-axis pixel-wobbling with a thinner DMD aperture ratio, boosting perceived resolution while smoothing jaggies, sharpening text, and clarifying detail, resolving impressively with 4K input signals*. Your audience is treated to clear, comfortable, and easy-to-see images even from a distance.

* 4K input signals are resized to 2715 x 1697 pixels upon projection. (With Smooth Pixel Drive: ON)

Smooth Pixel Drive

Flexible Installation and Seamless Integration

Supports 4K Signal Input

The PT-RCQ10 Series supports uncompressed 4K signal input via HDMI® or DIGITAL LINK terminals, streamlining playback of 4K sources and eliminating the need for video re-encoding. Combined with new Smooth Pixel Drive 1-axis pixel-wobbling technology, support for Ultra HD signal playback creates highly detailed images beyond the projector’s panel resolution, ideal for 4K sources that demand especially precise and detailed on-screen reproduction.

Note: 4K input signals are resized to 2715 x 1697 pixels upon projection. (With Smooth Pixel Drive: ON)

High Extensibility with SLOT NX Interface Boards

With a view towards application in the rental and staging arena as well as long-term deployments at museums, exhibitions, and theme parks, the PT-RCQ10 Series supports swappable SLOX NX interface boards to suit your requirements. The optional boards comprise DisplayPort™, HDMI®, 12G-SDI, and DVI-D.

Remote App with NFC Function*1 and Projector Auto-Focus via Device’s Camera

Smart Projector Control app for Android™ and iOS now includes Near Field Communication (NFC) function to instantly pair smartphone to projector just by touching them together. Once linked, the app accesses an information settings menu that’s readable and writable*2 for easy adjustment without turning on the projector. As well as showing data and allowing certain settings to be changed, the app features an auto-focus function*3 that uses the smartphone’s camera and app UI to achieve fast yet precise image focus.

Smart Projector Control (Web Manual)

Remote App with NFC Function

*1 Availability may vary by country or region.

*2 The ability to write data is not possible with iOS devices. Use of functions described may require prior activation within the projector’s settings. Check the App Store or the Google Play store for minimum device and OS requirements, or click here for more information.

Note: In some countries, projector activation is required to use NFC function. Please click here for a list of countries where an optional ET-NUK10 Upgrade Kit can be obtained to enable NFC function. For more information, please visit PASS. If NFC function is disabled, the app’s NFC screen is displayed, but reading/writing data is not possible.

Projector Auto-Focus via Device’s Camera

*3 Auto Focus may not be compatible with some mobile devices.

Expanded Lens Lineup Opens New Creative Possibilities

Eleven optional lenses cover any projection situation and are interchangeable with Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ projectors in your inventory. The PT-RCQ10 Series is a perfect match for our ET-DLE020 Ultra-Short-Throw Zoom Lens. As the world’s first* UST lens with optical zoom, technicians can work faster with wide-range image adjustment enabled by zoom and V/H lens-shift functions following installation. The mirrorless zero-offset lens combines with the projector’s compact body to enable front- or rear-projection in extremely small spaces in single or dual-stacked configuration.

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